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Batman vs Superman: Beginning of the End?

30 Aug

Am I the only one not excited by this movie concept?

Original Dominic Durocher Drawing, please do not use without written permission.

Original Dominic Durocher Drawing, please do not use without written permission.

I’ve heard a lot of talk about it recently and every time they announce a new actor that’s lined up or a new possible plot point, I must admit, I cringe a little as comic lover Dom dies a little inside. Anyone who reads my posts (Yes all 6 of you) will know I’m a little bias on this issue as I was a little disappointed with Man of Steel (read here). But I have some valid backlash, which I think justifies my nausea!

Firstly I’d like to take a trip back in time when the comic universe had individual entities. Back in 1933, Superman was created and had his own series/universe. It would only be another 6 years, that in 1939 Bruce Wayne was created along with his alter-ego: Batman. These two lived peacefully for 21 years, with individual comic book stories galore, until someone had the bright idea to spark sales and create a hybrid. In October of 1960 the Justice league was born and united every “Great” DC characters into one comic.

My point being is that uniting these characters was a chance to revitalize a dying franchise, a new twist on an old classic, and in typical American fashion, they made it bigger, better and more awesome. Or as many saw it: a new dress on an old corpse. Man of Steel, the new Superman movie was just released and Studio execs are already running to finish line by mashing Batman and Superman together, trying harder and harder to compete with The Avengers… instead of writing new classics and awesome tales. The Dark Knight trilogy was awesome, blew box-office records and just featured Batman and his foes, are we already at the point where we have to unite all our dynamite under one roof?

Bigger isn’t always better. This has been proven several times a year by box office flops with novelty oversized budgets. If the script, story, and characters aren’t amazing, then no “Big Star” / Fancy explosion can save a crippled plot.

I hope for my comic book “Dom” they’ll get it right but until then I’ll keep my expectations down, and my trailers viewed to a minimum, in hopes in salvaging two of the greatest super heroes of the last 100 years.