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Purse vs Wallet

31 Dec

Dear Few Fans,

Happy OLD Year! As we draw closer to entering this new year (Good ole 2015), we are blessed with a moment of self reflection, a time to ponder our 2014 baggage that we want to leave behind and the good stuff worth keeping!

Ladies…. please, I beg you DITCH the Purses… or at least get smaller ones!

Yes, you can stuff everything you want into a purse, but I wouldn’t trade it for a wallet any day. Due to it’s limited space, a wallet is a constant source of self reflection, making me ponder every stub and card, and ounce of lint I put into it, unless I want a Rump roast in my pocket with a George Costanza acute way of sitting.

Purses are the attics of personal possession, we shove shit in there that we think one day we might use until the day comes when we actually need it and we are forced to sift through hundreds of boxes of unwanted receipts, unfinished sandwiches, and holy unmentionables. Making it take ages to find the one thing we wanted! I say this as former user of a European Carry Bag (NOT a Man-Purse) and the dangers of these bags far surpass the horrors of even the freezer; cryogenic sleeping chambers for unwanted food morsels.

Either keep that thing in order, or simply get a smaller purse, it’s a handy way to take hold of life, while still embracing change 😉

A Dominic Durocher Original, please use at my discretion ;-)

A Dominic Durocher Original, please use at my discretion 😉

Happy New Year



So this is 26?

13 Jun

I’d like to take a moment to apologize to all young readers, if I pop any bubbles it is not my intention…. but for all intents and purposes I still believe in Santa Clause.

Two days ago it was my birthday. I turned 26. Where does that leave me? For some people I’m getting old, passing a quarter of a century. Some folks would say I was in the prime of my youth, the apples are ripe for the picking. And still others wouldn’t have given it a second thought, you’re 26, right where you should be and that’s all there is to it! But what about me, where do I fall, what do I believe?

One thing I’ve realized is there are some strange universal truths about getting older, at least universal for most. When we are young the world is our bounty of potential, and every birthday means a year closer to new possibilities new potentials. It also means cake, friends, presents, surprises, excitement, and a sense of naive wonder; pure innocent joy. At the back of that list is the reality that with every passing year comes new maturity and new responsibilities. Yes that’s right, more chores, more schooling, more learning, and less carefree beautiful roaming, fun and games. And then it happens. At a certain point you reach a benchmark that you’ve always dreamt of being a kid. Somewhere between 18 and 21 you realize you can now drive, you can now vote, make a decision, move out, smoke, drink, gamble, see an R rated movie, do things your parents always said no to. You can do all those things you witnessed in the movies, and no one can tell you ‘No’. It’s a beautiful thing at least it seems that way. Because at some point that other thing also creeps up, responsibility.

There’s no one to blame for your failures any more, there’s no one holding you back. You are your own self, you are the one responsible for your future, you are the holder of your destiny, so what are you doing about it? Wow, okay maybe I’m an over thinker, maybe this isn’t a universal truth but it’s something that definitely occurs to me every time a birthday rolls around, what are you doing with your life Dominic? I think it’s why at certain point we go from, celebration of birth to if my birthday can come and go without a hiccup in time then that would be ideal.

So if a Birthday is a reflection of time then that means one of two possibilities; if life is good and happy then your birthday should be good and happy, but if you’re not where you wanted to be then a birthday can be a painful reminder of that unfortunate truth. If the truth is the latter, then the question becomes, do I try harder this year at pushing towards goals and objectives, or do I reset my level of expectations?

Resetting your expectations is one of the big painful lessons of life. It does not by any means, mean failure, but rather a truth, that either our expectations were misplaced, unrealistic, over ambitious or maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. I think the biggest reason though we don’t achieve what we want comes down more importantly, the fact that most of us don’t know what we want. Ask a friend if they are doing what they love, most will say, I like it and it’s a job. Ask them then what job do you want, where do they want to be in five years? And we all have two answers the bullshit interview one, and the real life one, honestly, I don’t know!

Well here’s what I’ve come up with! Screw tangible goals, I want to happy, passionate about what I do, challenged on a day to day basis, I want to build meaningful beautiful relationships, the one’s that hurt when you say goodbye. I want to live life, see things and do things, be able to escape from the 9 to 5 daily grudge of things, but also find beauty in it. I don’t think that means the clichés of travelling the world and quitting your job. I think we can all find new possibilities with the beautiful things that are right in front of us and sometimes we just have to open our eyes.

I love food, so I think this is a great metaphor. Sometimes we think great food comes from having a great array of ingredients but sometimes something simple and so great is right in from of you and we don’t even know it. My grandfather, would always say something after thanksgiving to the effect of, now if you don’t pick every piece of meat from that bone and make a great sandwich or a flaky chicken pot pie, or something delicious, and if you don’t then boil those bones and make a great soup or wonderful gravy then that’s a real shame. The turkey wasn’t done after thanksgiving, there was always a new delicious flavour, a new meal to be discovered.

I hope 26 will be a great year, more importantly I hope to make it a great year. I’m thankful for all the great love I have in my life and I hope to be an example of that, everyday that I live.