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Hipster Credo PART 2

11 Oct

My Sequel to the very FAMOUS Hipster Credo…. The material writes itself so I couldn’t resist!



A Dominic Durocher Original, please use at my discretion ;-)

A Dominic Durocher Original, please use at my discretion 😉


Sandwich Saga: Part I

23 Apr

Curse of the Best Bite

The Oxford dictionary defines a sandwich as “an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with a filling between them, eaten as a light meal”. Yet despite this un-inspiring mundane definition we’ve come a long way from this mayo, baloney, wonderbread staple!

A Dominic Durocher Baloney Sandwich logo

A Dominic Durocher Baloney Sandwich logo

One has to wonder whether if the author of this Oxford entry was fed the lonely baloney, or mock chicken synthetic sponge, or the Tuna surprise aka surprise it’s canned, on an everyday basis for the past thirty years. The truth of the matter is the sandwich now has the potential to excite, to warm the hearts, to salivate the mouths, and to be-friend the bellies of many! The irony is the name sandwich has become so convoluted, so mundane, so repeated and stereotyped that we dare not even call it the sandwich anymore, yes that’s right! Instead we call it Panini, BLTs, Subs, Clubs, Pressed Baguettes, or by its cousin’s name aka the Wrap, Shawarma, Falafel, Gyro, Fajita or Pita. But I tell you this, they are all variations of the meat between bread, or a meat between a wheat based product. Yes it’s true…

Sandwiches Walk Among Us!

So inspired by the great sandwich and it’s many Alter Egos, I wanted to break them down via my blog, discuss what makes a great sandwich, the myths and the legends, the DOs and Do NOTs! In what I’m calling the Sandwich Saga! Hopefully debunk this “Bread with a filling” and to discuss some classic subjects, such as:

  • Toasted or pressed
  • Sauce or Au-Natural
  • A collection of condiments
  • Finding the right meat
  • And of course, a discussion on finding the perfect protein vessel

No this is not a joke, but rather a food lover’s passion towards the best and ultimate sandwich! And any of you who DARE utter the words ridiculous, try and think of the last time this carb vessled protein holder made its way into your life… chances are, it just may be your bread and butter!

Please inspire me below and tell me your favourite Sandwich Secrets!


My Next Blog Idea: “Starting articles or speeches with an Oxford Dictionary Quote is Over-rated”

A Fajita made by my brother Aaron, using his Panini press

A Fajita made by my brother Aaron, using his awesome Panini press