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Faking Your Abs: 5 Great Muscle Hacks

29 Mar


Despite our well trained browsing eyes, we’ve all seen them; an internet ad so ridiculous, so ludicrous we can’t help but take a second, even a third look and maybe even tempt a click. In my case I’ve been targeting la crème de la crème of internet banner trash in seeking the GROSS MUSCLE photos. As bad as they are I have to give them a high five in creativity, and for a split second you begin the question your knowledge of physics and your entire knowledge of human biology, but a sobering word whispers at the back of your mind, shhhhhh, you just might hear it…. Photoshop.

In today’s DD post, I will be looking at Faking your ABS on the internet…. AND My own attempt at creating a Double D Hulk of one of an image of myself! Enjoy!

#1: The Head Transplant


Items Needed:

– 1 Ripped Guy
– 1 Head shot of yourself
– Knowledge of Cut and Paste

This is a classic, rather than morph your own muscles, borrow someone else’s! The key here is shadow and skin tone, if you have a match it makes your smudge work as easy as finger painting.

#2: The Hobbit Friend


Items Needed:

  • 1 photo of you looking jacked
  • 1 photo of a tiny pint sized friend
  • Knowledge of the Re-sizing tool

This one takes a page from Lord of the Rings, if things around are small by comparison you will in fact look bigger, or vice-versa. So get all those small friends out of their New Zealand Hobbit holes and start snapping away!

#3: The Liquifier



Items needed:

  • 1 Photo
  • Extensive Photoshop Liquify Knowledge

Difficulty level: Extreme! The image above combines the Hobbit friend technique but more importantly Liquify. For all you photoshop nubes, this literally means warping the photo to the proportions of your chiselled dreams. God help us if we ran into any of these graphic designed nightmares, but in the digital world he does exist!


#4: The Frankenarms


Items needed:
– Photo of you
– Photo of Jacked man
– Knowledge of cut and paste

This similar technique resembles the Head Transplant, the key is having a smooth cut away between the mixed images to make it look believable. In this case the shirt, integral to selling the idea that this man’s armpits hover around his belly button.

#5: The Shrunken Head


Items Needed:
– Photo of you
– Resizing tool

Rounding out the list is a simple but effective technique, similar to the head transplant this one instead uses your natural body and a shrunken head making it easier as you don’t have to fake the lighting or skin tone! Simply shrink your head, and put pack on your body. Of course it helps if you’re slightly ripped, otherwise you’ll just look like a neckless Monster.

#The Result: a DD Hulk

Given all these great tips I tried my own skills at creating a monster and below is the result! There were no limb transplants for this one, just simple organic liquefying, head shrinking, skin re-toning, and limb doubling of Myself! ENJOY!!!!