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Purse vs Wallet

31 Dec

Dear Few Fans,

Happy OLD Year! As we draw closer to entering this new year (Good ole 2015), we are blessed with a moment of self reflection, a time to ponder our 2014 baggage that we want to leave behind and the good stuff worth keeping!

Ladies…. please, I beg you DITCH the Purses… or at least get smaller ones!

Yes, you can stuff everything you want into a purse, but I wouldn’t trade it for a wallet any day. Due to it’s limited space, a wallet is a constant source of self reflection, making me ponder every stub and card, and ounce of lint I put into it, unless I want a Rump roast in my pocket with a George Costanza acute way of sitting.

Purses are the attics of personal possession, we shove shit in there that we think one day we might use until the day comes when we actually need it and we are forced to sift through hundreds of boxes of unwanted receipts, unfinished sandwiches, and holy unmentionables. Making it take ages to find the one thing we wanted! I say this as former user of a European Carry Bag (NOT a Man-Purse) and the dangers of these bags far surpass the horrors of even the freezer; cryogenic sleeping chambers for unwanted food morsels.

Either keep that thing in order, or simply get a smaller purse, it’s a handy way to take hold of life, while still embracing change 😉

A Dominic Durocher Original, please use at my discretion ;-)

A Dominic Durocher Original, please use at my discretion 😉

Happy New Year



To a Rockin’ 2014

14 Jan

New year, new water colours, new painting; Great Start! Last year was pretty Chaotic. I left my job to travel into the the watery abyss known as London. Travelling with my girlfriend, in the pursuit of work abroad seemed like an exciting endeavour. The truth is it was also scary as shit. That being said, it’s easy to look back and remember all the good stuff.

We both found jobs, I’m an Assistant Manager at a Café / Bakery. I also started this awesome blog (yes you’re welcome (But Seriously Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!!! (Wow Triple Brackets))), and I was able to visit my family in the cold north of Montreal this Christmas. All in all a good year! Last year my blog had over 1000 views with 24 posts by your’s truly, so thanks to all my readers and followers, I hope I have not disappointed!

That being said I need to finish something important… something I started a while back and have neglected for far, far too long. No I have not forgotten you Sandwich Saga, you will be forever in my stomach, and I hope in the coming months at the forefront of my writing palette! I need to finish this quest. That being said I hope to write at least 36 blogs this year and continue drawing and writing for you. I hope you enjoy my painting below (thanks little sister for the water colours), and I hope there are tons more to come! Here’s to a Rockin’ 2013, and an even better 2014!

Peace and Love,


A Dominic Durocher Original, Jack the Snowman. Please do not use without written permission.

A Dominic Durocher Original, Jack the Snowman. Please do not use without written permission.