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The Old Bridge – A fabled fantasy

4 Feb

By: Dominic Durocher

There were two villages on either side of a valley
And for years they were at war.
Until one day a a bridge was built that connected everyone, and peace grew in the valley.

One day a young man wandered down into the depths of the valley,
Where the immense columns, supporting the bridge, met the earth.
He was the first man to do this an a very long time.
When he finally reached the bottom, he came across an old man supporting the bridge.

He asked the old man what he was doing?
And the old man said that the bridge was breaking and that someone needed to support it.
So the young man said full of purpose, that he would do it.
And the old man promised to find someone else to help, but as he straightened his back,
After years of pain and turmoil,
He was released from his life and died in the valley.

The young man stayed, waiting for someone else to arrive,
but no one came.
He grew old, and waited for  years and years, but he was alone in the valley,
With a crumbling bridge lying across his back.

An old man supports a bridge - A Dominic Durocher original

An old man supports a bridge – A Dominic Durocher original