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Pulling a New Generation

31 May

Okay, so this is kind of a funny story! This drawing was not…. queue drum roll… an original idea! NOOOOO!

I was at the coffee shop, trying to do some paper work between rushes when a colleague comes in the back asking for me! As I manage the shop, this usually means a refund or a “great” complaint to handle. I begrudgingly remove my self from the laptop to greet the elderly gentleman but something’s weird…. He’s smiling. He then asks if I’m the manager? I say yes. He then asks if I also do illustrations? I say a very confused yes.

Turns out he had just seen a parent dragging their child on a scooter. Thus defeating all few physical benefits of the scooter. And as the witness was an elderly gentleman, I assume he walked uphill, barefoot, 10 km, knee deep in snow, and avoiding Russian spies every day just to get outside the house! So naturally the sight of such a lethargic child shocked him and he wanted to commission a cartoon. His plan you ask? Post it around the neighbourhood, send it to papers, shout it from a mountain top! He even offered to pay me. I declined, but the idea did make me smile; thus, the below illustration.

It turns out he had seen a friend of mine drawing in the shop. They started talking and the friend told him the manager of the shop was a quite the cartoonist. Well thanks Chris!

In any case, while I was doing this it also inspired my last two posts: Walking the baby and Don’t Sweat it.

Hope you enjoy!


A Dominic Durocher Original

A Dominic Durocher Original


Please… Don’t steal this drawing!

25 Apr

I was walking home one day when I passed a charity shop and it gave my neck a run for it’s money. I did the ole 180 and realized they had a “No Robbers” sign in their front window…. what is this world coming to if you have to necessitate the need for such a sign? The next thought was quite worse… what if a sign like that actually worked???

Hope you enjoy this off-beat rendition of my inner workings!



A Dominic Durocher original

A Dominic Durocher original

Just so you know I’m not making this S#*& up… below you can find some variations on the “Please don’t Rob me!” sign!



Halloween with Big Ben

31 Oct

After nine hours of frothing milk and running tables, I was able to muster enough strength to bike home. The London air was crisp and cool, with a slight warmth as if a lingering summer heat had got lost in autumn. And as I heard the dead leaves crunch under the pressure of my worn twenty-two inch rubber tube, I couldn’t help but reminisce over some past great Halloweens!

A Dominic made Latté at Euphorium Bakery!

A Dominic made Latté at Euphorium Bakery!

The holiday had always been one of my favourites but trying to narrow down the main reason why had always been like trying to find a bag of mini skittles in a post November 11th Halloween stash! One reason was that I feel that most of mankind is kind of strange on the inside, but every day we try to pretend that we’re normal and just like everyone else, except on Halloween. It is one of those few times when we embrace those wacky tendencies and allow each other to wear them on our sleeves and our faces, literally. Frankly if it had been socially acceptable I think I would have worn a cape and and cave man joe wig to school  every single day until recently.

But my love for this pagan inspired festival ran deeper than that, and it wasn’t until my bike ride home today that it finally hit me. In this day and age that we know what our third cousin’s baby in Australia looks like via the digital world, yet we don’t even know the first name of a single one of our neighbours, Halloween is a dying a refuge. A way to tell kids to not be afraid and meet our fellow community members. Sure we’re dressed up like circus freaks but at least we’re proud of it.

More and more with e-mail and digital communication, we are becoming afraid of actual contact and conversations. When’s the last time you called a friend just to say “Hey what’s up?” And it’s even worse when it comes to strangers; when working in sales I was shocked at how many people were simply socially averse to just picking up the phone even when calling a supplier… someone who was paid to listen and respond to us. It was shocking!

So get on your capes and rubber noses, and let’s remember the basis and heart of our communities: people! Let’s talk to our neighbours and all look like fools while we do it! Even here in London kids are playing trick or treat, But let’s really trick people and keep on building even past October 31st, that would be the real treat!

Keep safe and cool!


PS. YES the picture featured is a Latté I made at work for come clients, I called it the Hallocino! 😀

London Fire and other DD Drawings

21 Aug

I’ve been bad with posts lately, my job keeping me busy and working on some bigger cooler creative projects like illustrating a children’s book I’m writing about an onion. But for those of you who can’t wait, here are two drawings I’ve done recently! Enjoy!


I’ve noticed quite a few architectural similarities amongst houses in London and I couldn’t help but feel my conspiracy theory senses tingling!

A Dominic Durocher Original, my opinion on London Fires. Please do not use without written permission.

A Dominic Durocher Original, my opinion on London Fires. Please do not use without written permission.


After working at a Café for many weeks, I’ve seen many pigeons, I now have a new take on a classic expression.

A Dominic Durocher Original, My take on the modern Bird. Please do not use without written permission.

A Dominic Durocher Original, My take on the modern Bird. Please do not use without written permission.




Tearing down the Block!

28 May

So here I am writing my eight blog entry, I’ve been postponing this one, feeling a little uninspired, and then I decided why not write a blog about that? If I were a journalist that would be completely unprofessional of me, I can see the headlines now: Extra Extra, This Week We’ve Run out of Ideas, There’s no News, Cancel your subscriptions. But just as I think of this, as I awake from my  terrible night sweats, having pondered my vacant mind and the need to bow to the thirsts of my vast audiences, I realize that I am a blogger and this is the internet, and there are no subscriptions, so if you don’t like what you’re reading then deal with it! But seriously please read on I don’t have that many readers as it is!

In this new found Dom territory of London I find myself without a network and consequently I have been embracing the arts. Besides work I’ve been finding time to read the classic American family epic; Grapes of Wrath, and Cinzia and I have been watching a lot of classic films that sometimes are easily overlooked…. well we’ve been squeezing them in between episodes of Downton Abbey, which in case you haven’t seen, is a British show / soap opera set in the early 1900s, or as we English like to call: Ye Olde Addictive Rubbish.

What has occurred to me though, is even the greats: the great artists, the great writers, the great directors, have all suffered great bouts of writer’s block. It is the center of our existence. No creative mind goes from one great idea to another great idea, in fact that’s what makes a great idea, it is the fact that it transcends mediocrity. If we all had great ideas all the time, then they would become the norm, and thus a great idea is now simply a normal or average idea.

I was watching an interview with a Director I really admire, and that’s the famous Quentin Tarantino, and he admitted that he was not particularly proud of Death Proof. In his mind he doesn’t consider it a bad movie by any means, but nowhere close to his greatest, but afterwards he created greats like Kill Bill and Django. To take this a step further, Batman and Robin 4, the last Batman before Nolan’s trilogy, was a horrible misstep and a colossal flop (I shouldn’t even have mentioned it). Yes we could’ve done without it, but it’s also one of the things that made Nolan’s Batman Begins so great and vindictive, it restored justice to a great franchise.

And I think that’s fine, I think everyday individuals and “Great Artists” are alike in this sense. Not every venture in everyday life will be the best choice, not every job taken will be the best, no every girl or boy we date will be “The one”, and not everything we do will be the best. The importance is that we keep moving, being, doing and creating, because when the water flow is cut off, then no ideas, good or bad will emerge.

So even if I may half slightly half assed this blog, I still put it out there. And whether it’s bad or good is beyond me, but the whole spectrum, good and bad, well that is the core of who I am.

Keep being, and if you’re not, well then be harder!


PS. Here is the great interview with Quentin Tarantino and many other great directors, well worth the long watch!

A London Life

9 May

I’ve decided to take a quick break from my best bite pursuit, in that of The Sandwich Saga and decided just to update you with a bit of my life. For those of you that care J

So I’ve been in London for over a month, as some of you know and I’ve basically had to restart my life. I’ve had to find the right job to date, while courting many possible suitors. I’ve had to find a place to live and then fill it with daily materialistic comforts; can’t live without that Panini Press. And then I had to create a new set of routines of which to abide by… let’s face it, chaos attracts us like a fly to a crazy blue light, but we need routine, like those flies that keep returning to that blue light; we are, simply put, creatures of habit.

And so far it’s been great. As stated it has had its tough bits, but such an international experience and the ability to refresh your living arrangements is the dream of most, including mine, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be in such circumstances, but let me tell you its crazy!

As everything's stolen on the Internet, I felt the need to create original art despite my lack of artistic training.

As everything’s stolen on the Internet, I felt the need to create original art piece despite my lack of artistic training.

In 2009 I went tree planting, and for $0.09 a tree I sold my soul. After days and days of 6 shifts a week, 10 hour days, no showers, sleeping in the bush, and lugging around 10 litres of water and the weight of 200 saplings in your bags every day, and planting in the hot dry sun, or mist, or rain, or wind storms, and even snow, and always having a swarm of a thousand black flies making it impossible to see your own shadow, and well any crazy detail I share can’t truly amount to the horrors I experienced; one day I even shared a moment with the now diseased Dante, as I started to describe what hell must be like. But after it all, after all that pain, that summer, and the friends I made, people I met, the mental dexterity, and not to mention the tightrope walk with insanity, it had been one of the best experiences of my life.  Not to mention I had a nice check some 56,000 trees later (Yes run, and get your calculators).

Unfortunately I can still be scared by new experiences, but I know just like my tree planting days, that sometimes the scary ones are the best. So being in this new foreign experience, I have to pinch myself every now and then, remove myself from the blur of daily living, and just soak it all in, and remember scary or not this is a chance and an opportunity, so do it!

That being said, I’ve found a couple of suitors that look like they might be willing to commit not to mention we have a lot in common (For those of you lost, please read 😉

Basically saying I’ve had two interviews, landed a successful job making sandwiches at a cool UK chain, yes that’s right, sandwiches. It ain’t glamorous but it’s giving me a lot to blog about, and I even interviewed for something a bit more promising today as an assistant manager at a bakery, fingers crossed! So I swam and kept my head above the London rain water. And it’s been nice, and I realized my friends care, and people have been extremely supportive. I hope when you do the same, I can be right there, reading your blog and cheering you on, digitally and more importantly in spirit! Thanks for all the great feedback and support thus far!!! Get out there!

A very ‘Saucy’ DD

P.S. Not to sound vain but I believe I’ve successfully quoted or referenced all five of my older posts! Woohoo, it’s all about the little accomplishments!!!

Dating your Job

17 Apr

I need some action and fast… so I’ve been browsing on-line profiles all day. Some don’t give me a good picture, some aren’t looking for long term relationships, and some either say too little or just talk way too much. I did find quite a few that were willing to pay me though, real CASH! No I’m not talking about the ‘Plenty of Fish’ world of on-line dating, this is a real job hunt people!

So I’ve been in London for two weeks now and I’ve just started the tedious process of looking for a Job. If you are reading this then I regret to tell you this is more of a warning for Future Dom then it is intended for you to read, but since you’ve started… please help yourself!

“Future Dom… DON’T QUIT, the pain of looking for new work is UN-BEARABLE!”

But since change is inevitable here I am, excited, scared, nervous, but full of hope. And as a browse through countless new job posts I’m beginning to realize that this is a lot like dating. Just as ten or twenty years ago, people flocked to the newspaper to look for jobs but always giggled when they came across ‘Blue eyes searching long term stable, flannel wearing lover’ in the personal ads. Well know we flock to the digital world for jobs and sometimes as well dates. But with dating there’s a courting period, there’s a progression. Some may argue with me on the order of this but elements remain true… There’s Flirting, Seeing, Dating, BF / GF, then engaged if you’re old school, and then Marriage. There’s a natural progression, and every step requiring a new level of commitment. Well I realized with 99% jobs there’s the online profile which is one version of you, then an interview then getting hired. That’s it period. No courting, no dates, and interview and a contract for five to ten years. Forget marriage, Could you commit to a long term relationship, if you had just seen a profile and met them once? NOOOO!

This is ludicrous and puts way too much emphasis on my poor little latin friend: curriculum vitae or better known as CV. And consequently there are the ‘Masters of deception’, skilled in the arts of the mystical “CV” but honestly can’t add, file, or lift a phone for the life of them, and then you have the rest of us, Quality workers but because we’re neurotically switching between Arial and Calibri, Left and centered, one page or two, we can’t, for the life of us, seem to get a decent interview.

Okay I know it’ll all work out in the end, and in three weeks / 2 years, I’ll be saying “It was easy getting a job! Really you don’t have one? You don’t say?” But until then, here’s to all the little guys, good hard working people, who are afraid they might not get married to a job because their profile was just a tad too clingy and long term!