Pulling a New Generation

31 May

Okay, so this is kind of a funny story! This drawing was not…. queue drum roll… an original idea! NOOOOO!

I was at the coffee shop, trying to do some paper work between rushes when a colleague comes in the back asking for me! As I manage the shop, this usually means a refund or a “great” complaint to handle. I begrudgingly remove my self from the laptop to greet the elderly gentleman but something’s weird…. He’s smiling. He then asks if I’m the manager? I say yes. He then asks if I also do illustrations? I say a very confused yes.

Turns out he had just seen a parent dragging their child on a scooter. Thus defeating all few physical benefits of the scooter. And as the witness was an elderly gentleman, I assume he walked uphill, barefoot, 10 km, knee deep in snow, and avoiding Russian spies every day just to get outside the house! So naturally the sight of such a lethargic child shocked him and he wanted to commission a cartoon. His plan you ask? Post it around the neighbourhood, send it to papers, shout it from a mountain top! He even offered to pay me. I declined, but the idea did make me smile; thus, the below illustration.

It turns out he had seen a friend of mine drawing in the shop. They started talking and the friend told him the manager of the shop was a quite the cartoonist. Well thanks Chris!

In any case, while I was doing this it also inspired my last two posts: Walking the baby and Don’t Sweat it.

Hope you enjoy!


A Dominic Durocher Original

A Dominic Durocher Original


One Response to “Pulling a New Generation”

  1. rosemaryhall94 June 2, 2014 at 11:27 am #

    Once again, three brilliant, hilarious posts. As you know I’m a fan of dogs so especially appreciated the dog related ones. I must say I’m impressed by the dogs who are so obedient that they can go leashless. Although if dogs had their own health and safety rules no doubt they would disapprove.

    I have also seen dogs walking themselves, one crossing a very busy road when I would have thought that the owner having bothered to put the leash on the dog in the first place, would have, at least, held it till they were both safely at the other side.

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