The Zombie Fix

22 Apr

One of the perks of being a barista, is that the daily essential pick-me-up, known as coffee, is brewed every morning into our routine. Now if you truly share this drip passion for crafting the ultimate joe, then you’ve realized getting to esspress yo’self at that ultimate level can be a real grind. AKA it’s a patient journey mastering the craft of coffee. So below I’ve extracted what I’d like to call the “Master Barista”; Purging the world of sleep deprivation, one shot at a time! Hopefully you’ll give it a swirl and let me know how it goes down!


Discover the cure!

Discover the cure!

For anyone that cares about my artistic process (you’ve made it this far you might as well down the whole cup), I’ll fill you in! The pencil, sharpener and table are all actually mine and not some Photoshop trickery. I tried to incorporate my natural setting (As I photograph my sketches instead of scanning them (I’m too poor to afford a scanner (Wow triple brackets!))) while still trying make the image look clean and professional. Then I coloured it in with Photoshop!



NEXT WEEK’s BLOG: Counting the total amount of horrible coffee puns, as I continue to dish them out!


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