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Santa’s Secret

27 Nov

This Sunday, December 1st, officially marks the beginning of advent, AKA the official religious Christmas season! No, I hate to say it, even though the Dollarstore (Or Poundland for my British contingents) has merchandise as of Oct 20th, it is NOT the official start of Christmas. But Dominic, you say, I’ve seen wreaths, I’ve heard music, it must be, it must be Christmas; Santa wouldn’t lie! Nope! Just the secular merchandising whores trying to greedily capitalize on the nostalgia of joy and generosity, of festivities past! BUT I digress! Today is not a rant!

It’s to tell you, that in order to cut down on some chaos, spending and waste, my family has decided to do a Secret Santa this year. And while breaking tradition left a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach (The same place that rum and egg nog should be), I soon realized the merits of such a new tradition. The idea being, instead of buying 10 so-so presents, each person buys and receives 1 great present. It allows us to really focus on the individual, get a great gift and again, get less closet stuffers / door stoppers / mattress poppers / dust collectors / space infectors / Bottom of your dressers and waste injectors!

So on that note I’d like to present to you the coolest Santa you’ve ever seen, that’s right, Santa just became cooler, and that is…. Secret Santa. I don’t why I haven’t seen this idea before but as soon as it popped in my head I knew I had to draw it! Check it out, I’m also trying a new drawing style!



A Dominic Durocher Original, the secret santa. Please do not use without written permission.

A Dominic Durocher Original, the secret santa. Please do not use without written permission.



DD Moustaches of 2012

13 Nov

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Movember; the awesomest thing to happen to November, ever! And this also marks the 3rd time I’ve grown a moustache and the 2nd time I’m officially raising funds! So to celebrate I’m posting my photos and journey of 2012. I dare you not to smile!


Rantings of a Moustache – Movember 2012


Day: 1 – How the face itches… it’s screaming for my upper lip shadow to form! Where are you moustache??? Soon, be patient young fuzz philanthropist!

Post 2: One week in… I never fully realized the full effects of the moustache; cotton mouth, queasy stomach, random fits of turrets… yet, I feel a sense of power overcoming me, deep within the timber like bristles of my Fu Manchu! I’ve decided to wait it out, and maybe discover it’s true Power! – DD The Fuzz Philanthropist

Post 3: Week Two, the looks have started and I can’t help but feel segregated from my fellow man despite my desire to help them. I take refuge in knowing my upper lip is slightly warmer than most, but it’s little consolation. Then it hits me, MY GOAL, I must Help Men Everywhere… despite all odds I will prevail! Hopefully… Thanks for all the donations! DD – The Fuzz Philanthropist

Post 4: I thought I was alone in this battle…. and no one supported this invaluable cause towards men’s health…. it could be because I haven’t been looking hard enough, or because I haven’t left my apartment in 3 years BUT today as I stepped into work, I was graced by a gift. A gift or fortitude and determination! Ashley Hodgson and Alex Giunta gave me this beautiful shirt….. I Moustache you a question, have you donated to men’s health recently?? DD – The Fuzz Philanthropist

Post 5: I’m approaching the final week and as I looked in the mirror this morning I’d swear it’s as if it’s always been there: my upper lip shadow. It’s become a piece of me, a shadow of integrity; the moustache has grown on me… as if all these years I was naked but now I’m complete. But I still find sleepless nights… we’re are my team donations in this time of need? Where are the other’s? I must challenge all of Selleck’s Studs to unite, and get a photo of a bro with a Mo and make some Do, Pho Sho! – The fuzz philanthropist

Post 6: It’s done… After 4 grueling weeks of intense mental hair channeling towards the development of fuzz on southern slopes of both my nasal passages, named Miguël and Xian Li Sum, I am complete! Some people questioned the legitimacy of the Fu Man Chu as a proper moustache… But I say Few Men Chus such an honourable moustache! There’s a company vote coming up… THAT will determine the honour I have bestowed upon myself with this great MO! Thanks again for all the great support, with over 11 donations, we have raised $260. THX – DD TFP

Post 7: PostMO Appendices: 3:57 a.m., woke up in a sweat, my left hand released its grip on the sheets and grazed across my face, but found nothing. Nothing but the smooth, baby like skin of a recently shaven Movember veteran. It’s been 10 days since I’ve completed my task But I’ve never felt so detached, so alone, so un-creepy! What has terrified my mirrors for many a day has now become my Bill Clinton; easy to make fun of but in the end not soo bad! I find little consolation in knowing that that I won most popular Mo amongst my colleagues, but it’s a sign. I was recognized, AND there’s always next year. Until then every time I see a goatee, or facial stubble, or the thick classic beard, I’ll only hear the whispers of a moustache. Cookie dusters prevail and help save men everywhere! – DD TFP

My Moustaches from 2012 Movember

My Moustaches from 2012 Movember

2013’s Moustache CLICK HERE

Thanks and happy bristles!

DD – The fuzz philanthropist