Tearing down the Block!

28 May

So here I am writing my eight blog entry, I’ve been postponing this one, feeling a little uninspired, and then I decided why not write a blog about that? If I were a journalist that would be completely unprofessional of me, I can see the headlines now: Extra Extra, This Week We’ve Run out of Ideas, There’s no News, Cancel your subscriptions. But just as I think of this, as I awake from my  terrible night sweats, having pondered my vacant mind and the need to bow to the thirsts of my vast audiences, I realize that I am a blogger and this is the internet, and there are no subscriptions, so if you don’t like what you’re reading then deal with it! But seriously please read on I don’t have that many readers as it is!

In this new found Dom territory of London I find myself without a network and consequently I have been embracing the arts. Besides work I’ve been finding time to read the classic American family epic; Grapes of Wrath, and Cinzia and I have been watching a lot of classic films that sometimes are easily overlooked…. well we’ve been squeezing them in between episodes of Downton Abbey, which in case you haven’t seen, is a British show / soap opera set in the early 1900s, or as we English like to call: Ye Olde Addictive Rubbish.

What has occurred to me though, is even the greats: the great artists, the great writers, the great directors, have all suffered great bouts of writer’s block. It is the center of our existence. No creative mind goes from one great idea to another great idea, in fact that’s what makes a great idea, it is the fact that it transcends mediocrity. If we all had great ideas all the time, then they would become the norm, and thus a great idea is now simply a normal or average idea.

I was watching an interview with a Director I really admire, and that’s the famous Quentin Tarantino, and he admitted that he was not particularly proud of Death Proof. In his mind he doesn’t consider it a bad movie by any means, but nowhere close to his greatest, but afterwards he created greats like Kill Bill and Django. To take this a step further, Batman and Robin 4, the last Batman before Nolan’s trilogy, was a horrible misstep and a colossal flop (I shouldn’t even have mentioned it). Yes we could’ve done without it, but it’s also one of the things that made Nolan’s Batman Begins so great and vindictive, it restored justice to a great franchise.

And I think that’s fine, I think everyday individuals and “Great Artists” are alike in this sense. Not every venture in everyday life will be the best choice, not every job taken will be the best, no every girl or boy we date will be “The one”, and not everything we do will be the best. The importance is that we keep moving, being, doing and creating, because when the water flow is cut off, then no ideas, good or bad will emerge.

So even if I may half slightly half assed this blog, I still put it out there. And whether it’s bad or good is beyond me, but the whole spectrum, good and bad, well that is the core of who I am.

Keep being, and if you’re not, well then be harder!


PS. Here is the great interview with Quentin Tarantino and many other great directors, well worth the long watch!


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