A London Life

9 May

I’ve decided to take a quick break from my best bite pursuit, in that of The Sandwich Saga and decided just to update you with a bit of my life. For those of you that care J

So I’ve been in London for over a month, as some of you know and I’ve basically had to restart my life. I’ve had to find the right job to date, while courting many possible suitors. I’ve had to find a place to live and then fill it with daily materialistic comforts; can’t live without that Panini Press. And then I had to create a new set of routines of which to abide by… let’s face it, chaos attracts us like a fly to a crazy blue light, but we need routine, like those flies that keep returning to that blue light; we are, simply put, creatures of habit.

And so far it’s been great. As stated it has had its tough bits, but such an international experience and the ability to refresh your living arrangements is the dream of most, including mine, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be in such circumstances, but let me tell you its crazy!

As everything's stolen on the Internet, I felt the need to create original art despite my lack of artistic training.

As everything’s stolen on the Internet, I felt the need to create original art piece despite my lack of artistic training.

In 2009 I went tree planting, and for $0.09 a tree I sold my soul. After days and days of 6 shifts a week, 10 hour days, no showers, sleeping in the bush, and lugging around 10 litres of water and the weight of 200 saplings in your bags every day, and planting in the hot dry sun, or mist, or rain, or wind storms, and even snow, and always having a swarm of a thousand black flies making it impossible to see your own shadow, and well any crazy detail I share can’t truly amount to the horrors I experienced; one day I even shared a moment with the now diseased Dante, as I started to describe what hell must be like. But after it all, after all that pain, that summer, and the friends I made, people I met, the mental dexterity, and not to mention the tightrope walk with insanity, it had been one of the best experiences of my life.  Not to mention I had a nice check some 56,000 trees later (Yes run, and get your calculators).

Unfortunately I can still be scared by new experiences, but I know just like my tree planting days, that sometimes the scary ones are the best. So being in this new foreign experience, I have to pinch myself every now and then, remove myself from the blur of daily living, and just soak it all in, and remember scary or not this is a chance and an opportunity, so do it!

That being said, I’ve found a couple of suitors that look like they might be willing to commit not to mention we have a lot in common (For those of you lost, please read https://dduroc.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/dating-your-job/ 😉

Basically saying I’ve had two interviews, landed a successful job making sandwiches at a cool UK chain, yes that’s right, sandwiches. It ain’t glamorous but it’s giving me a lot to blog about, and I even interviewed for something a bit more promising today as an assistant manager at a bakery, fingers crossed! So I swam and kept my head above the London rain water. And it’s been nice, and I realized my friends care, and people have been extremely supportive. I hope when you do the same, I can be right there, reading your blog and cheering you on, digitally and more importantly in spirit! Thanks for all the great feedback and support thus far!!! Get out there!

A very ‘Saucy’ DD

P.S. Not to sound vain but I believe I’ve successfully quoted or referenced all five of my older posts! Woohoo, it’s all about the little accomplishments!!!


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