Sandwich Saga Part II

25 Apr

Hard Pressed

A delicious sandwich, Cinzia and I had at a London Cafe.

A delicious sandwich, Cinzia and I had at a London Cafe.

More than twenty days have passed since my entering into this monarch driven, supersized city known as London. If anyone’s ever moved before, or changed locations, it can create a sense of excitement but when the reality of not having a job sinks in, a dreary fear and precaution can also take over. One of the big issues was setting up our new apartment in a foreign city; so Cinzia, my girlfriend, and I had to go through the list of life essentials and decide what items were more essential than the other.

Soap and shampoo, YAY
Poster for barren walls, Delay
Pots and Pans, YAY
Deepfryer, Delay
Peanut Butter and Jelly, YAY
Thirty seven types of assorted jellies from the Adriatic, Delay

And then we came to a great conundrum….Toaster or sandwich press; no simple resolution was obvious in the search for the best bite. We’d love to have both but sandwiched between the two, hard pressed to make a decision, which would we choose? Alright it was simple, the Sandwich press!

Not only does a sandwich press caramelize the bread to perfection while simultaneously activating water molecules for increased freshness, it presses all those flavours together and creates a single symphony of flavour. I also realized with a good press, you can not only toast bread, or press fajitas, but you can cook chicken breasts perfectly (no flipping), you can create the best quesadillas, and even grill on it if you’re brave enough. The press, simply put, creates deliciousness! It Im-Presses me without a doubt!

But as most people in this world, we think our kitchen’s are judged by our ability to conjure up any miscellaneous appliance possible. Think about it, there’s a good chance between the toaster, microwave, blender, food processor, hand mixer, KitchenAid, emulsion blender, deepfryer, and yes the over hyped and under used, infamous Breadmaker, we may not have space for the sandwich press. Well the fact is you don’t have to be poor like me to make a decision between toaster and press. I recently got my brother a sandwich press while we were still living together, and we basically chucked the toaster, because not only did our sandwich potential triple but this thing can also toast bread, and irregular shaped bread as well!

A delicious pressed Ham sandwich from a London Cafe

A delicious pressed Ham sandwich from a London Cafe

The sandwich press isn’t perfect, at least not yet. For total transparency one shortcoming of the sandwich press is that avoid lettuce in the sandwich at all costs (wilted lettuce has no place at the party in my mouth) and secondly, it’ll keep heating till you say no. Where a toaster will stop, this is the little train that could, and vigilance is needed in avoiding over de-pressed sandwiches!

This is not an ad; simply a food passionate, cooking lover’s opinion… the toaster is toast! Long live the pressed Sandwich, especially in search for the best bite!!! In an ideal world I’d own both but pressed between the two I think you know where my taste buds lie!



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